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Helical piers have been used for over 150 years for foundation repair and supporting structures built on weak or wet soil. When the hydraulic motor became available, sometime in the 1960’s helical piers became even more widely used because the hydraulic motor allowed an even faster, safer installation process for the helical piers. Both commercial and municipal groups find helical piers very useful for pipeline and pumping equipment support, elevated walkways, retaining walls, bridges, and many uses in the electric utility industry as well.

The helical piering system normally consists of a shaft that is fabricated from solid steel or tubular steel. Helical plates will be welded to the shaft. These plates can range in diameter from 6 to 16 inches depending on the application. The plate diameters increase from the bottom of the shaft upward traditionally. They come in shaft lengths from 10 inches all the way up to 120 inches, but other lengths can sometimes be fabricated if the application dictates the need. Helical plates may also be installed on an extension where the length of the lead is not enough to allow for the right intervals between the plates. Helical piers may end with a pier cap embedded into a concrete foundation. Foundation brackets are available that attached the pier or anchor to the foundation beam or footing.

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Not only are crawl spaces typically located underneath a home where water runoff is more common, but they are also often designed with dirt floors, making them a breeding ground for moisture and mold. Installing a proper vapor barrier or crawl space encapsulation can help in preventing basement moisture.

Installing a vapor barrier over the dirt floor can reduce moisture in a crawl space by fifty per cent. Measure the crawlspace before cutting the polyurethane sheet to size. Crawlspace encapsulation provides many benefits such as preventing mold and mildew. Encapsulating the crawl space this way makes it air tight.

“Vapor Barrier and Helical Piers Foundation Repair” recommends a professional foundation repair specialist design and oversee the design and application of helical piers, wall anchors and vapor barriers when used in foundation repair or new construction projects. As you can see the helical piers used are very specific to the job, and specialized equipment is needed for the installation. If you notice signs of foundation problems such as cracks in walls, ceilings, floors, or slabs, or you notice doors that stick, chimneys that lean, or sloping and uneven floors, you should not wait. Use “Vapor Barrier and Helical Piers Foundation Repair” specialist in your area to see if helical piers are the right foundation repair solution for you. Call or Text Now>720.502.9077

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